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Profile: Gennifer

Gennifer, one of our newest and most desirable escorts, is a wonderful and voluptuous girl who has a lot going on personality wise. She is the whole package, from her looks to her brains.  She enjoys doing charity work and considers herself the sort of person who puts other first, including her clients, and who enjoys making everyone in her work and personal lives happy.

“I’m just a giver by nature,” she says. “I think you are never more in touch with your own humanity than when you are helping somebody. And consider just how much suffering there is in the world, how many people there are that are truly in need. There’s certainly no shortage of them. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, there is somebody who is not doing as well as you are, somebody who has less money than you do, somebody who is having a worse day than you are, and somebody who just needs your help. Imagine if you’re having an awful day. Nothing has gone right. It feels like the whole world is against you. You’re sitting somewhere, thinking about how bad everything has become, wondering what you are going to do. Then someone comes up to you and asks you if they can help. Maybe you’re broke and can’t afford bus fare or gas money and they give you money. Maybe you’re horribly depressed and you have no one to talk to and they offer to listen. Maybe you just need help carrying your groceries home and they stop to help you. I think helping people is one of the nicest things you can possibly do. You’ll never know the kind of power your help to other people will change their lives. It may be something they remember, and something they pay forward, so your act of kindness today could pay off countless times tomorrow. I think that’s a really amazing gift to give to somebody, and a powerful statement to make to the universe. I think that no matter what you are doing, whether it is working for charity, having lunch, or just dancing in a nightclub, you are connected to the universe and to everyone else in it. When I dance, I let everything go. I can’t think of anything else when I’m dancing. How could you be worrying about the day to day mundane concerns of your life when you’re feeling the beat, when it’s pounding through you, and when you’re just getting down as the music rolls over you? I think dancing is liberating. That’s one of the reasons I like to dance naked. I feel so free when I dance, that I don’t want to be bogged down or constricted with a lot of clothes. That means stripping off everything I’m wearing so I can feel completely free as I dance around the room. Usually I do that in my living room, where there is no one to see me… or where there is someone to see me who I really want to get a good, long look. And part of that is because of what I like when it comes to the bedroom. Sexually, I like to be dominated. I think a lot of women share that fantasy. In fact, I know they do, because that silly movie is so popular. You know the one. What is that book that became a movie that’s all the rage right now, the one about bondage? The one that made it okay for people to look at what is basically porn in the book store? I think that book is very much what this country needs. I know it isn’t very well written. I know it’s kind of silly. It probably sends questionable messages. But that book made it okay for thousands and thousands of American women to celebrate their kinks. It made it okay for them to talk about bondage, and domination, and being tied up, and all the other sexy, kinky things they wanted to do. We are a strange country. We’re very repressed sexually compared to other nations, yet more free in so many other ways. I think it’s great that this book finally broke through that and encouraged women, especially, in the United States, to be free about what they like, about what turns them on, about the special things they want their lovers to do in order to really gratify them. We just can’t seem to talk about sex honestly, and when we do, we really avoid the things we want or, worse, we judge the things our lovers tell us. I think we should instead focus on making our lovers want us, without judgment, and with nothning but passion. The ability to inspire desire in a man, or even a woman, is exactly what being sexy is all about. If you can inspire someone’s emotions, if you can turn them on so much they practically forget who they are and what they’re doing when they look at you, you can write your ticket. People will be obsessed with the desire to get close to you. They’ll want to talk to you and stand next to you and put a hand on your arm. They’ll want to run their fingers through your hair. They’ll ache to kiss you and to get closer to you. It’s an amazing power over other human beings. But the power to create desire in someone else is also the power to harness it in yourself. That’s what desire is, after all. It’s something inside you that you can’t necessarily control. So if you can learn to control it, if you can harness it, if you can channel it in others and also make yourself master of it, then you are both inspiring and controlling your desire in a way that makes you a much more powerful human being. You are no longer at the mercy of your desires. You are now their commander, and that is pretty impressive.”





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