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Profile: Genni

One of our newest escorts, Genni, was a pole dancer, and a good one, before she became an escort. Her lithe, toned body shows the evidence of the exotic dancing that she did, and her ability to charm our clients and make all of them feel at ease in her lovely presence is just another skill she picked up on the job.  She says she believes that pole dancing is the ultimate expression of femininity, and she sees it as a lot more than just stripping or dancing.  “I think when you’re dancing on that pole,” she says, “when you’re celebrating your own sexuality and your own sensuality, when you’re doing your best to turn on whoever is watching and all eyes are on you, that to me is the most incredible statement you can make about being a woman. You’re saying, ‘I’m here. This is my body. This is my sexiness. This is my desire. You all want me. I want you to want me. And I will do anything that it takes to make you want me more.’ I love that pole dancing gives me the chance to turn on an audience. I like to keep that audience small and intimate, but I admit, the chance to dance and strip in front of a larger group has its attractions. I like being able to use my body to accomplish the things I want in life. I like to think I am a very sexy girl, and the people I meet, and the men I date, tell me the same thing. Am I hot? Yes. Could I be hotter? You haven’t seen me at my best. If you can dish it out, I can take it. If you can demand it, I can answer it. Let me ride that pole for you and show you what I’m made of. I will come back around and show you that I’m all woman, baby, and that you can handle me if you try. I know there are lots of women who try to say they’re too sexy for the room, and the guys watching them can’t handle them, and they’re too intense for anyone but the most perfect warrior of a man. I don’t cop that attitude. I don’t go there. I just try to be the nicest, sexiest girl I can be, and good things come to you if you just do your best, if you just try to be the best you’re able to manage. To me that’s all there is. It’s the only way to manage in this life. It’s the only way to be a human being. When I’m not doing that, I’m enjoying fast cars and big engines. That powerful  motor speaks to me. I feel that vibration deep inside me and I just start to get turned on. It could be a car that I’m riding in. It could be a car that is thundering past me. Whichever it is, I really like it. I like the sound, I like the smell of the exhaust. I want to in that car or on it, riding as a passenger or draped across the hood in just heels and a bikini. Engines and cars, power and speed, and the men who drive them… these are all things that I enjoy and, if you give me the chance, I’ll always go for the hot and fast car over any other choice. I once met a guy at one of those street races, you know, where everybody puts their cars in a line, and they all turn on their headlights to light the way, like a runway of sorts. And then the two hottest cars you’ve ever seen, this incredible muscle machines, pulled up to the stop line, getting ready to power their way down that road. Some of the spectators blocked the side streets. It was really late at night, so there was probably almost nobody out there, and we didn’t think there would be any cops. We didn’t think there would be, is the key thing. So the race starts, and these guys are burning rubber, really putting out these great clouds of smoke. I could feel the noise and feel the vibration at the center of my body. I was so turned on. It was such a rush. So they’re racing along, right, and at the last possible minute, the car that’s winning slams on its breaks, pulls one of those fancy backing up maneuvers like you see in action movies, and comes roaring back. The driver was really close to me. He almost hit me with his mirror, and he noticed, so he stopped as suddenly as he could. He threw open the door and invited me in. I didn’t know what was going on, or why he had done what he did, until I heard the sirens. Then I knew. The cops were coming from the other direction, and he had seen them and was high-tailing it out of there. I jumped in his car and he eventually got us back to his place. By then, we were starting to get to know each other. And he really, really had a nice, fast car. It was something else, I can tell you. That is one of my favorite little adventures. What’s more, it’s a story that I’ve heard other girls tell, and I know that they’re telling the truth. So this guy is out there, this driver is out there just nearly sideswiping beautiful girls and inviting them into his car, and it’s absolutely working. He’s just wowing girls, taking their breath away, using his car to pick up ladies, and I wonder about the adventures they all most have. I wonder if they all know what he’s like after all this time. Does he remember their names? Does he tell his friends about them? I like to think he does. I like to think of him out there, even now, working on his car or some new car, thinking about the adventures and the beautiful women he’s going to have.”



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