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It is no secret that Boston is the home of many of the nation’s most beautiful women. Women flock there for many reasons: the opportunities for employment, educational pursuits, beautiful scenery and extensive history in the area are only a few of the many reasons.

At Ladies of Boston, we can proudly boast that we feature many of those beautiful women right here on our website. Are you interested in joining the esteemed ranks of those women who grace the pages of our website? If the answer is yes, read on below to discover how you can join one of the most exclusive agencies that provides valuable services to the men in the city.

Although we have a number of women who contact us in regards to being one of our escorts, Ladies of Boston is only able to accept a small fraction of these applicants. This is because we have a stringent procedure that we have developed. This procedure allows us to keep our quality high to offer the most satisfaction to our clients. If you are interested in applying to become one of our Ladies of Boston, we encourage you to read this page.

Picky in a Good Way
At Ladies of Boston, we are picky but in a good way. How is this possible you ask? It is simple We employ only the best because we strive to be the best in the industry. Our company is only as good as the escorts that we provide to the men of the city. Therefore, we set the bar high when it comes to the women we employ.

Beauty is Only One Piece of the Puzzle
It goes without saying that our Ladies of Boston are some of the most beautiful women in the entire city In fact, if you have an emerging modeling career, have won beauty contests in the past or are constantly stopped on the street due to your exquisite beauty, we want to talk to you. We strive to offer our clients the best in beautiful women and that starts with you

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Calm and Personable is the Key
In addition to great beauty though we also put a premium on your personality. If you are the type of women who is a great team player, who simply loves people and who is eager to talk to men – and women – of all types, then you likely have the type of personality that will be a good fit for our company.

In addition to being personable, you will also need to have the type of personality that is calm and unflappable in new situations. Our clients are sometimes quite nervous at the thought of hiring an escort. They need a warm and engaging woman to help them feel at ease and enjoy themselves.

Clean Background Check is a Must
We want our clients’ experience with our Ladies of Boston to be safe, secure and fun. In order to help ensure this, we send all of our escorts through a background check. This simple process is an easy way for us to offer the most drama free experience for our clients. In an environment such as that at Ladies of Boston, we insist that your background check come back in a positive manner before we can move on to the next step in the process.

Apply With Your Sense of Adventure
It is a safe bet to say that your experiences with Ladies of Boston will never be the same one twice. Each man is so different and so are their expectations. One night, for example, you might be scheduled with a shy college student who has little experience with women and who desires to become more comfortable with them. The next night might find you paired up with a businessman who is traveling in the city and who is looking for a way to change up the boredom of his trip. He might tap into your extensive knowledge of the city to find the best restaurants and clubs to hit up before retiring to his hotel room for a nightcap.

We choose only those applicants who embrace the many possibilities that could crop up during the course of their time here at Ladies of Boston. The bigger your sense of adventure, the more successful you are likely to be as an escort here.

Benefits of Being a Lady of Boston
There are many benefits to being a part of Ladies of Boston. While you help to set your own rates, our Ladies of Boston are some of the highest paying escorts in the business. You have the flexibility to modify your rates to accommodate the clients that want to book your time.

The flexibility that is offered as a Lady of Boston is also a huge plus for many of our women. Due to the ability to set your own schedule, being a part of our company enables you to meet with men at times that suit you best. Of course, the more your schedule is open, the more money you can make so it pays to be ambitious in this business.