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Are you “Hangry?” Are you “Thirsty?”

We’ve all seen those silly commercials, where people are given a candy bar to calm them down and it transforms them back to “normal.” And we’ve all felt what it’s like be ornery, even angry, when we feel that way. Feeling hungry, feeling tired, feeling stressed… these things can make us very unhappy. The term “hangry,” the combination of hungry and angry, is the result of that sensation. When you are hungry you are more easily irritated and you react badly. Believe it or not, in yet another of those studies that always seems to get paid for by your government, looked at the results of hunger on feeling angry or ornery. In a bizarre study involving sticking pins in “voodoo dolls,” spouses were encouraged to pin the dolls whenever they were annoyed with tehir partners. The results were measured against how hungry the spouses were when they put the number pins in the dolls that they did.

The results showed, like they so often do in the case of these studies, that yes, people get upset more easily when they are hungry, and the more hungry they are, the more “hangry” they get. To be honest, though what should really make us “hangry” is the notion that our government is spending money funding studies like this that tell us what we already know. But that’s a separate issue.

The term “hangry” is evocative of some other terms that get thrown around a lot today. One of those is “thirsty.” Have you heard this term? Whenever someone says “hangry” to me, I think of the term “thirsty.” Men are said to be “thirsty” when they are desperate for sex. If you have ever looked at the comments section of an Instagram model’s account, or looked at the tweets to various porn stars on Twitter, you have seen “hungry” men tweeting to these girls. Usually their tweets, begging for sex or just making overly sexual comments, show them to be starved for sexual contact. They are “thirsty” for intimate activity and it shows in everything they say and do.

In a way, this is kind of a sad commentary on our society. If a woman expresses a desire for sex and love, she is not punished by society for wanting it. Yes, sometimes you’ll hear people talk about “slut shaming,” but that is directed at women who are already having sex and lots of it. These are women who control their sexuality and who are getting what they want out of life. Chances are all that sex probably helps them cope with the shame, but whatever. The point is that we’re not talking about that. No, we’re talking about the Bridget Jones’ Diary types, the women who feel like they can’t find a man who spend a lot of time whining, complaining, and hoping to find a guy. They are no different than men who whine about being friendzoned and unable to find a partner, right? But men who are friendzoned are made fun of and ridiculed for being less than manly, while women who whine about being in relationships are encouraged.

This is kind of horrible, really. Sex and love are natural drives of the human body and human nature. We are all born with the desire to be close to someone. We all have the biological imperative to have sex, to be close to someone, to feel that physical intimacy. How cruel is it to tell a man who cannot seem to find a relationship that he is pathetic and doesn’t deserve one? That he should live out his days alone and never expect to feel closeness, intimacy, and love, because he’s just not good enough to deserve it? We would never tell a woman that. Nobody would ever tell a woman that because she wants to be with a man, she is “thirsty” for sex or love, and that if she really wants to find a man, she should try working out, looking better, getting a better job, cleaning herself up or making more money… that just seems like a double standard, doesn’t it? And double standards abound in the world of sex, love, and relationships. So what is a man to do?

The fact is, women can tell when you are “thirsty” for sex.They will automatically downgrade their willingness to sleep with you if they detect your desperation. That’s because women, on a genetic level, want high-value men. They don’t want losers who can’t get sex, as society describes it. They want men who are already desirable to other women. That’s why one of the fastest ways to get women to want to be with you is to be seen with other women who are also desirable. The more you are seen with other women, the less desperate and “thirsty” you seem, and the more desirable you become. The horrible irony, of course, is that if you are “thirsty” guy, the very fact that you want to be with women makes it harder for you to be with women. And how is a guy to break out of this vicious cycle?

The way to do it is to get seen with sexy women, and the way to do that is to book the time of one of our gorgeous escorts. Our ladies don’t mind if you are hangry or thirsty. They want to show you a good time. But they know that by being seen with them, you will be raising your value with other women when you are out and about. That makes you more valuable to females and makes you better off overall. And what do you know… that will reduce the level of your “thirst” and make you a happier, healthier person who has a healthier romantic life. Escorts can do all this for you! Book the time of one of our gorgeous ladies today. You won’t regret the time you spend with our ladies, but you’ll regret the time you waste in delaying making your booking.


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