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“My knowledge of the area is definitely a plus,” Yolanda explains. “I’ve been here long enough that I’ve gotten to know the city very well. Depending on what my wants, I can tailor our date to precisely what he’s looking to get. Some guys, especially those clients who are in from out of town, aren’t looking for different or out of the way. They want the full-on tourist experience. So I take them to the types of places everybody thinks of when they think of this city. But you’ll get other dates, people who live in the local area, or who have been here often enough that they’ve already done the tourist thing, and they want something new and different. They want a new experience that will stick out in their minds. That’s when I drag out my list of truly unique and out of the way places and activities. When you date me, I want to make sure you have as much fun as possible. I want you to have great memories. So I’ll work really hard to make sure, not only that you have a good time, but you sample as much or as little of the local area and the nightlife (or the fun to be had in the daytime) as you can. That’s one of the reasons hiring me is such a great idea. I take the stress out of the dating process. When a guy dates a ‘regular’ girl, he has to worry the whole time about how it’s going. Is she going to be happy? Is she going to give him grief about things that are beyond his control? Can he impress her enough to get her to agree to go out with him again? There’s none of that when you go out with me, because now it’s my responsibility to make sure you have a good time, and not the other way around. If something goes wrong, it’s my job to fix it. I’ll take my cues from you, but the moment you want me to step in, I will. And that’s how we’re both going to have a really great time.”

Yolanda’s love of massage is part of her caring nature. “I can’t stand to see someone who is suffering,” she explains. “When I know someone is in pain, I just want to step in and make sure he or she is going to be okay. If that means using the power of massage to ease muscle knots, or just to relieve stress, then of course I’m going to do that. There’s no decent human being who wouldn’t. I like people. And I especially like men. When I get to massage a man, I get to explore his body, even if it’s in a completely platonic way. I think handsome men come in all shapes and sizes, and I’m very happy to get to know as many of them as I possibly can. That’s one of the reasons I’m so good at my job. I’m just naturally engaging that way.”

Yolanda has no regrets about leaving college behind. “I just wasn’t cut out to spend my days in a boring classroom,” she says. “I realized that early on. I’ve got to be out there doing things. I’ve got to be living my life. To me, it’s all about being bold, and going out there and seizing life while you’re young and vital and you’ve got all your choices before you. That’s really important. If you can’t live your life that way, you’re just wasting time, and you might as well be dying.”


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Italian
Orientation Straight
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“One of the things I like about massage is the ability to help people that it gives me,” she says. “Stop and think about every gift you have ever given anyone. What good is a present if you don’t feel good? What are you going to do with any gift if you’re in pain? You wouldn’t be able to enjoy it even if it was the greatest thing in the world. But the greatest gift in the world is the ability to ease someone’s discomfort. It’s the ability to ease away all their unhappiness, all their tenseness, their anxieties, and their stresses. And I think stress relief is just so important to the average man. Think about how much stress the typical guy is under. He goes through so much. His job is full of stress. His relationships are full of stress. There’s so much he goes through. When I massage him, when I help his muscles to feel better, I make everything better for him. I lighten his burden. That gift of helping someone feel better is not something that just anyone can do.”

Exploring her own body is something that Yolanda is happy to do. “I like to look at myself naked in front of a full-length mirror in my home,” she says. “I like to run my hands over the curves of my incredible body and just enjoy myself. So many of us don’t take the time to really enjoy what is ours. I love who I am. I love being the person that I am, and knowing that every day I can surpass that person. I think you have to see your life as a chance to reinvent yourself, and rediscover who you are, every day. Once you’ve done that you’ve truly lived as a person.”