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“People talk about a runner’s high,” Pamela says. “I definitely know what that feels like. When you run, especially when you’re already conditioned, you can go for a long time before you start to feel that burn. Then the burning comes, and as painful as it can be, it’s actually kind of pleasurable. That’s because you feel it working. You feel the exercise. You know that you’re putting your body through its paces and that the result is going to be a more toned, more taut, more sexy you. Running and jogging give me the body I want and need to do my job as an escort. I want to be as sexy as I can possibly be, and to do that means putting in the work. It means investing the time. I can’t stand these girls who are just slobs, just losers, who think, the world owes them being called ‘beautiful.’ They’re the ones behind all these campaigns about ‘fat acceptance’ and nonsense like that. They want people to call them beautiful even though they’re not. Well, I’m sorry, honey, but no, you’re not beautiful at any size. A guy doesn’t want a woman who’s a fat slob. He wants a woman with a well-defined body. And it isn’t that guys are shallow. A guy responds to what he responds to. What is sexy to him is hardwired in him on a genetic level. You can’t force a guy to find fat women sexy any more than you can force him to think men are sexy. If he’s a straight guy, he’s going to like what he likes, and that’s it. I run and I jog so that I can stay in shape, yes, but I also do it because I love the high I get from pushing past the pain. There’s this point where you just come out the other side of all that pain and you don’t feel it anymore. You’re just drifting along, as if you’re walking on a cloud, and you feel like you can go forever. I realize on some level those feelings are an illusion created by your body, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it anyway.”

Community college gives Pamela a chance to show off what she’s got, and she’s not even a little ashamed of that. “I love teasing guys with how I look,” she says. “I like making the professors’ eyes get wide too. There’s nothing more fun than flirting with a teacher, kind of pressing yourself up against him, touching his arm, leaning forward and making your breasts jut forward at him… I like to see if I can tell whether he would risk his job and his home life to be with me. I like that feeling of power. I don’t mean it in a bad way. I wouldn’t actually do anything bad to anyone. But at heart I think I am probably a bad girl… and I have always had this fantasy about the handsome professor giving me a paddling for being naughty.”

Pamela is known for being high-energy. “I’ve always got to be doing something,” she says. “That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy quiet times and just getting to know somebody, but it does mean that I don’t think I could do that every single day. I like variety. I like having new adventures every day, and never knowing exactly what the day holds. That feeling of endless potential is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I think without that sense of adventure, you may have to work to get it back.”


Age 27
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Donation $800/Hour
Orientation Straight

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“I think the most important thing in the world,” Pamela says, “is being kind to people. When you look at the world, when you look at the way people treat each other, it would be easy to see a steady stream of just bad news. There are wars. There is crime. There is sickness and death. But so many people are capable of doing better. Little acts of kindness can change the world around you a little bit at a time. I’m a firm believer in paying it forward, in being kind to people whenever possible. I like to get up in the morning and ask myself how I can help someone today. What can I do that is new and different? How can I help my fellow human beings? That’s something that we should all be asking ourselves. We should be tapping our capacity to do more and to be more. If we can’t do that we’re missing out. There’s a reason we were all put on this Earth, and it isn’t to be unhappy. And if happiness is our natural state of being that it stands to reason that there should be a way to make it happen. I think all that takes is us being nice to people.”

“I also believe very strongly in taking the time to center yourself,” she adds. “We don’t spend enough time just getting in touch with our own thoughts inside our own minds. We’re assaulted by all kinds of outside influences all the times, from our phones to other people. You’ve got to take the time to kind of be inside yourself every day. That doesn’t mean you should meditate, but it should be close to that. You should just clear your mind and get right with yourself. That’s my take.”