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Mandy admits that massage therapy is a big part of how she approaches her job and her world. “I think it’s very important, when you get to know somebody, that you explore their body,” she says. “Massage is one way to do that. Of course, it’s also an incredible act of kindness. When you think about it, the only thing any of us truly owns in this world is our own body. They say, ‘Hey, at least you’ve got your health.’ That’s not just some polite brush-off. It’s really very important. Being able to count on your health is an incredibly good thing, and when anything is wrong with your body, when you experience pain, then how much would you love someone who could take that pain away? How grateful would you be to anyone who could take your body in hand and improve the discomfort you felt? Massage helps me to ease a man’s pain. It helps me to make a girlfriend feel better. And in the bargain I get to really just explore that person’s body, get to know what makes them tick on the physical level, and experience their body intimately. There’s something incredibly intimate about massage. In some ways I think it might be more intimate than sex itself, which can be pretty detached and over quickly in some cases. To do a massage properly, you’ve got to put real muscle behind it. You’ve got to get to know that person’s body, where they carry their tensions, and you have to put in the time and effort to work those kinks out. I think the average man remembers a really great massage even more than he remembers really great sex. Or at least, he probably ranks the two about the same in his mind. That’s why I love being able to give massages. They call it massage therapy for a reason. When you do a really good massage, you help heal a person. You help ease their pain. And when you relax someone like that you really make it possible for them to party that much more, to have the best time of their lives. A man who has just been relaxed through an incredible massage will feel like he’s up for anything, and that’s a good thing. That’s the type of experience I try to provide to my dates.”

Mandy’s time as a cheerleader is a frequent topic of discussion with her dates. “They hear that I’m, that I used to be anyway, a cheerleader, and their fantasies just run wild,” she says, laughing. “I think that’s totally normally. Men love a woman in a cheerleader outfit. I think it goes all the way back to high school. Every guy looked at those hot cheerleaders in their tight sweaters and their little skirts, when he was back in high school, and he thought naughty thoughts. Every high school tends to pick it’s cheerleaders from the most attractive and outgoing girls. So guys see that and they imprint on it. They think about it. So when they hear that I used to be a cheerleader, they always want to know, does the uniform still fit? Well, it does, and I’m proud to say that I can still remember some of the cheers. But most importantly, I still have the banging body I had when I was in high school, only it’s better than it ever was. I can cheer you on, honey, but I can also rock your world and blow your mind. That’s why I became an escort, and that’s why I’m a good one.”


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Donation $800/Hour
Orientation Straight

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Mandy loves to indulge her flirty side when she’s with a man, in her personal life or in any other situation. She is used to getting the attention of men because, with a body like hers, it’s not likely she could avoid it. “And it’s not like I would try,” she admits. “I love it when people pay attention to me because it validates and affirms everything I’m looking for. When I walk into a club or a restaurant, I want all eyes on me. I want everyone focused on what an incredible woman I am. And the fact is, I know I’m incredible, because I’ve got what it takes to be a Boston escort. This job isn’t for everyone. A lot of girls can’t take the grind. You get up, you go out, you party, and that happens day after day. That’s a dream come true. Or at least, it is, for most girls, until they actually experience it. Then they realize that you’ve got to have the stamina to hold up to this lifestyle, or you’re just going to burn out quickly. I’m proud to say that I have what it takes. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my time and my energy. I love what I do very much.”

Mandy enjoys using her body to impress men, mostly because she enjoys having that kind of power. “Women are always whining about what they can’t have and how they’re being oppressed,” she says. “The fact is, though, every woman has an incredible amount of power. All you have to do is show off a sexy body and men will do literally anything you ask of them. Show them a little kindness and you’ve hooked them that much more deeply. It’s just how these things work out, really.”