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“I am a really good listener,” says Kristen. “I think, while a man wants a beautiful girl, a girl with a great rear end and a great rack and a tight stomach, he always wants a woman who will listen to him. That’s why I’ve always prided myself on my ability to listen. When I’m with a man, I want him to know he has my undivided attention. And men really respond to that. Do you want to know why? It’s because the average man spends his whole life never being the center of anyone’s world. He’s always put second or farther down. His desires and his goals always come last. He’s always working to please someone else. Maybe that person is his boss. He toils away to make his boss happy, and his effort makes his boss look good, but does he ever really feel valued? Maybe that person is his family. He works himself half to death to take care of his family, and when he comes home he gets a ton of criticism from a woman who tries to control him and who acts like he’s doing something wrong if he indulges in the hobbies he enjoys. Maybe it’s his family. The average guy works hard to keep his family going, his extended family, take care of his parents, whatever. But does he ever really get thanked? Does he ever really feel gratitude?”

“I give a man the thing he has never had,” Kristen goes on. “I make him the center of attention. I make him feel like for once in his life, it’s his pleasure that is valued. It’s his happiness that matters. I make him the focus, and for what may well be the first time in his life, he gets to know what it’s like to be the king. He’s finally in a position of power. Nobody’s yelling at him. Nobody’s criticizing him. Nobody’s making him feel guilty for desiring what he desires. In fact, I want to know his fantasies. I want to know what pleases him. And I want him to know that it’s okay to want things. He doesn’t have to feel ashamed or judged when he is with me. I never judge anyone, especially if they open up to me about their fantasies. Fantasies are the most intimate, most personal thing that anybody can reveal to you. How horrible would it be to let someone open up to you, and then make fun of them or make them feel ashamed for doing it? But that’s what so many wives and girlfriends do. Their men open up to them, and these stupid, selfish girls, they do untold damage to their men by making fun of their fantasies or, worse, dismissing them, or criticizing them. A guy can’t help what he likes. He can’t help what he wants. For whatever reason, it’s inside him, and if he can’t find a girl who is willing to give that to him, he dies a little bit inside every time he thinks about the fact that he’ll never have what he really wants. If he’s brave, he’ll step outside his relationship to get it. Ladies, if your man resorts to that, you’re already losing him, which is why you should have given him what he wanted in the first place. Fantasy fulfillment is so important. When a man tells you he wants things, you give it to him, or you lose him. Period. That’s why as escorts we make fantasy fulfillment such a large part of our job. That’s the gift we give to you.”


Age 22
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Donation $600/Hour
Orientation Straight

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“This is why I really like dressing up in lingerie,” Kristen adds. “I like my lingerie elaborate and lacey, the more ‘girly,’ the better. I like to feel very feminine when I dress up in lingerie, and I love to show my body off for my man. There’s this magnetic pull that happens when a man sees a woman whose body turns him on. He looks at her and this connection forms between them that is made of his desire. When I feel that electric connection, it makes my day. I love to know that I am desired. I think on some level every woman wants to know that she’s desirable, of course, but it’s deeper than that. Being sexual, being sensual, being someone who thrills others and makes them full of lust… that’s what every woman hopes to be when she gets up in the morning. As she ages and she gets farther away from that, the reason she has trouble with the idea of growing older is that she worries she’s losing the ability to inspire that link. We all want to be connected to other people. It’s our yearning for that connection that makes us human. We’re social animals, human beings, and we want to be linked to each other.”

Kristen is all about the thrill of making a connection with someone, which is why she enjoys her job as a Boston escort so much. “Being able to connect on some level is always fun, but the first time you do it, when it’s new and fresh, that’s when it is the most fun it’s ever going to be. I love those initial moments in any new relationship. Done right, every connection you make with someone can feel that way, each and every time that you try.”