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“I think any life worth living has to be built on new experiences,” Kim explains. “Have you ever known people who are constantly complaining about being bored? They’ll post online or something and say, ‘I was bored, so I did this.’ What I always think about stuff like that is, how could you ever possibly be bored? The world is so full of interesting people, places, and things. You could go to college every year of your life and complete a degree every few years and you would never learn everything there is to learn in this world. I read a funny meme the other day that said, ‘School is how we bring new human beings up to speed on what humanity has accomplished to that point.’ Think about how much of that there is out there. The world is a rich place, full of more things to learn than you’ll ever be able to cram into your head. And it isn’t just about information. You hear about people who have bucket lists, but what is a bucket list? It’s a list of things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket.’ In other words, things you want to do before you die. How are you going to do half or even all the things on that list if you wait until you get old? And what guarantee do you have that you’re going to get old in the first place? We all live as if we think we’re going to live forever and there will always be time later to accomplish our goals. But life is short. It could end at any time. You could live to be a hundred or you could be hit by a bus tomorrow. I think that means we have to embrace, not just life, not just the opportunities of each day, but also the idea that we should have as many different experiences as possible. How awful would it be if you got all the way to the end of your life and only then discovered something that you loved to do, something you could have been doing all along if only you had thought to try it earlier? I don’t ever want that to happen to me. I want to always experience everything I can. I want my life to be as rich and vibrant as it can be. That’s why new experiences are important to me, and that’s also why I am willing to try anything. You know that old joke, ‘I’m a try-sexual. I’ll try anything once.’ Well, that pretty much describes me with regard to everything in life. If I haven’t tried something, I’m willing to give it a shot, because there is a lot I want to experience while I still have the chance.”

Kim’s sexy look, her vivacious attitude, and her pretty smile are some of the tools she uses to put her clients at ease. “It’s my job to make sure my date is having fun,” she explains. “That’s one of the reasons you hire a professional escort in the first place. It’s my job to make sure you have a good time and therefore you don’t have to worry about any of that. And you can’t enjoy yourself if you can’t relax. I am very practiced at putting my clients at ease and helping them to have the best time possible. I want to make happy memories for you. I want you to have great new experiences, including the experience of having a beautiful woman on your arm for the night, or the day.”


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Donation $550/Hour
Orientation Straight

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Kim has very strong feelings about the reasons men choose professional escorts in the first place. “The average guy wants to be treated with respect,” she says. “He wants a little peace and quiet. He wants to know that the women around him aren’t criticizing him, and they aren’t begrudging him the things that he enjoys. When did it become normal in society for women to tell a man nothing but nasty criticism, questioning all the things that he likes, telling him that everything from watching sports to being ‘macho’ to wanting sex is all something that’s very, very wrong? That kind of thinking is why there’s a shortage of real men in the world, if you ask me. We’ve got a generation of skinny jeans wearing hipsters who have no idea what to do with their manliness.”

She continues, “I think so many guys are willing to step up, though,” she says. “I try never to limit myself to guys who are traditionally handsome for that reason. I think every man has something great to offer, and it’s a pleasure to get to know my clients and find out what that is. With a little encouragement, every guy can be a lion. It just takes a little push in the right direction. Every man is just waiting to express his masculinity. He desires it. He’s always wanted it, even if he didn’t know how to put a name to it. I don’t believe any man should ever have to live that kind of quiet desperation, you know? I think every man just needs that little push, just needs the encouragement of a sexy, beautiful woman to bring out his full potential and help him to become the person he has always wanted to be. I really love that feeling.”