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“I admit it,” says Kate. “There are those who have used the term ‘high maintenance’ with me. But I think being ‘high maintenance’ gets a bad rap. People who say that are basically saying that a girl is more trouble than she is worth, that she takes more work to keep her happy. But when you think about it, it’s actually a compliment. That’s because, no matter what they might say from time to time, guys don’t want a casual slob. They may say they prefer a woman who doesn’t work hard at everything, who isn’t always fussing over her appearance, but who do they really go for in real life? Who are the women they admire from afar and wish they could be with? Who are the women they fantasize about, and why do those women have professional modeling careers? It’s because a ‘high maintenance’ girl is actually a truly beautiful woman. A girl who works on herself, who puts in the time, and who has very stringent requirements for what she will accept is a girl who leaves the house every day looking as sexy and fine as she can manage. She isn’t the sort of slob who throws on some sweat pants and goes out into public like that. She isn’t the sort of woman who thinks she has some kind of right to be considered attractive regardless of how much effort she doesn’t put into it. A high-maintenance girl like me is a girl who really spends time making herself look good, maintaining herself, and keeping herself in high demand.

A girl like me is the envy of the other women who see her, and the object of desire for the men whose paths she crosses. Women want to be her, men want to be with her, and she commands all the attention she wants just by walking into the room. Have you ever seen a woman so fine, so put together, dressed so well in a skintight mini-dress that it was almost physically painful? Did your balls ache and your dick get hard just watching a girl like that walk by? Well, that’s the power that I have. And that is what I can offer you. I can be that incredibly desirable woman on your arm when you go out with me. I can make you the envy of every man who sees us. I can make every woman wonder what it is about you that you have such a woman like me in your company. And believe me, honey, you are going to benefit from the experience. I will fulfill all your fantasies, make memories for you that will last a lifetime, and look forward to seeing you again. Because after you have been out with me, you’re going to want to go out again. You’re not going to want this party to be over. And every day of my life is a party, a non-stop party lifestyle that allows me to have everything I have ever dreamed of. I have tons of free time. I meet great, interesting people every day. I do fun and exciting things day and night. You can be part of that. We can do it together. You should call me right now. Do you want to always wonder if you should have gone for it? Do you want to regret that you never fulfilled your fantasies? Or do you want to take charge of your life and get what you want, now, while you still have the opportunity? That’s what I offer. That’s the benefit of an escort.”


Age 30
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity White
Donation $1,000/Hour
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Kate is a fun loving girl who likes to embrace every opportunity that comes her way. “I think we need to be spontaneous whenever possible,” she says. “So many things happen to you in any given week, and the way you respond determines the course of your life. I don’t think we really stop to realize just how many hundreds or thousands of little decisions shape the course of our lives. All the little things that we do determine how we’re going to proceed, how the quality of our lives is going to be. We don’t think big picture. We don’t think long term. We think in terms of our fears and our inhibitions. But if you let go of those fears and you let go of those inhibitions, you can embrace spontaneous change and do things you might not otherwise do. And when that happens you really get the opportunity to improve the quality of your life, you know? It’s amazing how just the smallest things really improve what’s happening for you, and give you the opportunity to make discoveries and connections that could have a profound impact on you in the future.”

Kate goes on, “I’m all about the future because that’s all any of us ever going to have. You can’t go back and relive your past. You can’t revisit decisions you made before. You’ve got to live with them, and the way you make your choices for the future makes all the difference for everything else that you do. It is really profound when you come right down to it. If we all took a more governed approach to our passions, our fears, our lives in general, and we made decisions toward that goal, the ways in which we could improve our lives are really limitless.”