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Julia has very definite opinions about her work as an escort. “Everything we do, as escorts, revolves around being beautiful,” she says. “There is a lot of pressure involved there. If you show up to work and you don’t look your best, your date isn’t going to get his money’s worth. That’s not acceptable. So to do this job, you’ve got to be able to bring your A game every single day. You’ve got to show up looking sexy enough to eat and beautiful enough to impress. And then there’s more that you have to be willing to deal with, because you have to be able to adapt to a number of different scenarios. Maybe your date just wants to spend quiet time getting to know you. That’s no problem, but you’ve got to be comfortable enough in your own skin to be able to spend time with a new guy like that and open up to him so that he’ll feel comfortable enough to open up to you. Maybe your date wants to hit the town and party… and that’s what the last three dates wanted to do. Well, when you go to that fancy restaurant, when you go to that swanky club, when you hit that dance floor, you’ve got to be just as ‘on’ at the end of a week of partying as you are at the beginning of it. Every man deserves to get his money’s worth out of his date, and every man deserves to have a woman on his arm who is truly enjoying his company. You can’t fake that kind of engagement. You can’t just go through the motions. You’ve got to actually feel it, actually experience it. You’ve got to be the girl of his dreams, every time you go out with a client, and that takes focus. It takes work. It takes stamina. A lot of girls can’t hack it. A lot of girls end up moving on to other jobs. The real professional escorts, the really beautiful girls with the looks and the stamina to make it, well they’re like me. They’re truly incredible and they know their value. And they’re ready to make you look better than you ever have before. If a guy wants me to meet his family, if a guy wants me to go to a business meeting, if a guy wants me to be his date for some formal function, well, I’ve got to be able to do that with class and sophistication, never embarrassing him and always making him look good. That’s why I have such respect for the other girls who do this job as well as I do. And that’s why when you go out with me, you’re going to have the time of your life.”

Julia has flirted, in the past, with living a clothing optional lifestyle, although she isn’t yet certain where she stands with it. “I think to do this job you have to be very, very comfortable with your naked body,” she admits. “I love my body. I like to look at myself naked in the mirror, just run my hands over my body and explore it. I want to be as familiar with my body as my lover is. I want us to take a journey together, exploring me and enjoying me. And while we’re doing that, I’m also enjoying him. I’m making my lover feel as special as he makes me feel. I haven’t decided if I want to go naked all the time, but I’m considering it. I love just being naked and enjoying myself.”


Age 23
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Donation $1,000/Hour
Orientation Straight

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“I think we should all spend more time getting in touch with ourselves,” Julia says. “When was the last time you really just enjoyed your own body? I like to be able to stay in very close contact with myself. I know my body. It’s a very familiar landscape. Every person, especially when they have such a sexy, desirable body, should be in close touch with it. They should know what they are about. They should be very in touch with who they are so that when they are with someone else, they can be as giving as possible, as intimate as possible. I think intimacy is the thing that separates us from all other living creatures on the planet. Our ability to get close to someone, not just to get to know them, but to put their needs before ours… that’s very human. That’s uniquely human, in fact, and the reason that we as a species are so incredible. We have such limitless potential as living beings.”

She continues, “One of the reasons I respond so much to my job as a Boston escort is because I’m very giving. I like to be able to put someone else’s needs before mine. That’s really everything we do in a nutshell. It’s so simple. You book our time so you can have the company of a beautiful girl who is entirely focused on you. That’s such a rare experience that men are willing to pay for it, which I think is actually kind of a shame for the word we live in. When you’re out with me, it’s my job to put your needs first. It’s my job to give of myself. I guess that’s why I find it so fulfilling. I’m just a naturally generous person. I always have been.”