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“It’s okay to ask about the accent,” Emma says, laughing. “That’s one of the things that men love most about me. I think every man has a special accent that really drives them wild. Most men think that European women are exotic and sexy, for example. And when you hear one of those dark-haired European beauties talk, you can’t help but think of it sexually. There’s something that’s just such a turn on about a girl who isn’t the same old thing, a girl who seems just a little different. And of course here in the United States there’s this whole mystique attached to the ‘southern belle.’ People hear that accent and they think of the hot sunshine, and people in tiny shorts bending over cars and washing them, and they think of every sexy southern girl they’ve ever met. I’ll admit, after enough time here in the area, my accent has faded a little. But if I find out that a guy likes the southern accent, then I’m happy to turn it back up to full power so he can get his fantasy.”

Emma points out that fantasy fulfillment is very important. “I think a lot of men live in a world where they think they are never going to get what they want,” she says. “I think that’s so sad. Life is short and everyone deserves to have their hearts’ desires. Yet so many men find themselves in relationships with women who don’t have the slightest desire to fulfill their partner’s fantasies. I think that’s incredibly selfish. If you knew that the person you were supposed to love had a desire, something they had always wanted, and something that would give them so much joy if they finally got to act it out, wouldn’t you want to give that to them? Wouldn’t it make you happy, knowing that you had the sure-fire route, the blueprint, to making them happy? If I’m with a guy and I learn that he has a fantasy, it doesn’t matter to me what it is. What it matters is that he wants it. It’s important to him. And if I’m with a man and there is something that is important to him, then it’s important to me. So many women today act like they are doing their men a favor by just tolerating them. That’s no way to run a relationship. That’s not based on respect. That’s not based on truly desiring your partner sexually. That’s some kind of power dynamic. I have no patience for that. That’s one of the reasons that I think men should hire escorts. We can give you that fantasy you have always desired, and when you’re out with us, there’s no hassle. There’s no baggage. There’s no disrespect. There’s just you, and the beautiful girl you’re with, and her desire to please you and make you happy and give you the time of your life. It’s no wonder that ‘ordinary’ women feel threatened by what we do. It’s because they realize that ordinary relationships, non-professional relationships, are obsolete compared to what a beautiful escort can do for a man.”

Emma admits that she likes attention most of all, and that is what led her to become an escort. “You can’t do this job,” she says, “if some part of you isn’t an exhibitionist. When you’re out on the town with a man, you’re going to be the center of attention. People are going to look at you. Me, I love that kind of focus on me. I really thrive on it. It turns me on like crazy.”


Age 27
Height 5’5″
Hair Blond
Ethnicity Caucasian
Donation $600/Hour
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Emma goes on, “Every woman has a little bit of pole dancer in her somewhere. I don’t mean that we all used to do that job, or want to, because obviously we didn’t and probably don’t all want to try. It’s just that every woman, deep down, has that desire to command that kind of attention. She wants to be sexy and sultry. She wants to have all eyes on her, to know that her body, her sexuality, her raw sensual presence, is enough to draw the attention of everyone watching. There is no more powerful affirmation of who you are as a woman than to have that kind of draw and compliment given to you. It’s intoxicating, so much so that some girls take their exhibitionism to new heights. They become dancers, or they go to sex clubs, and they have this overwhelming desire simply to perform in front of others. They want to be seen and to be watched. They want to be visible. It’s the thrill of others watching you and being turned on by you that really makes them happy. I think all women possess that quality to some degree. It’s just part of who we are as people.”

Emma adds, “The reason I find my job so fulfilling is that there is no dream that is not open to me. No matter what I want, no matter what my clients want, I have the opportunity to fulfill our deepest desires, if the connection is there. It’s a real joy to be able to provide that kind of service to people, even on just an emotional level. This is why being a Boston escort is, for me, a dream come true. It’s all I’ve ever wanted and I think I do it very well. I do.”