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“I have a very extensive collection of lingerie,” says Emily. “I like them very sheer. Very transparent. The smaller they are, the better. I know some girls like really involved lingerie. Like the type with all the corsets and buckles and straps and so on. And I get the attraction. There is something about a woman in garter belts and stockings and all that other stuff, a push up bra and things like that… there is something about that every man just loves. But I’m also very proud of my body and I want any lingerie I wear to showcase that. I want him to look at me and see me through my clothes. Not everything all at once, of course. If that was what I was going for, I would just greet him at the door naked. But when I wear lingerie for a man, I want him to see my body through the sheer fabric, and feel like he is getting something special, while simultaneously he is having it withheld from him. A man wants to know that he can have what he wants… but he doesn’t want it all at once. He wants to savor it. He wants to feel teased and flirted with, and then he wants to be able to have the object of his desire. There is a very fine art to seducing someone this way, and in my time working the world of romance I think I’ve seen just about every variation on this theme. I can tell you without a doubt that while every guy likes to know that he’s got a sure thing at the end of the night, he absolutely wants to be teased and led on a little bit, so that the chase feels like a chase, and attaining the object of his desire feels like he worked for it. He wants to know he’s worthwhile. He wants to feel valued. That’s something I can do for a man. I can give him that charge. I can give him that feeling of value.”

Emily explains that going out with a guy is something that just by itself can make him feel better about himself… and improve his dating prospects. “There is nothing as powerful for any woman, when it comes to how she sees a man, as seeing him with another beautiful woman,” she says. “When I walk into a room with my date, every woman in that place looks up and sees him with me. She sees that he’s with a woman with a banging hot body and she wonders just what he has going on that he was able to snare me. I always give them my prettiest, sexiest smile. And all the men look jealous when they see me walk in with that guy, too. They want to know what he has that they don’t. Well, the fact that I’m an escort is our little secret. And it’s something he should be proud of, because he’s got refined tastes. So as we stroll around together, I want everyone to know how incredible he is… and as long as he has me on his arm, that’s how he’s going to be seen. They’re going to be very impressed with him because they’re going to be impressed with me. This is what’s great about hiring an escort. We take all the hassle, the baggage, and the drama out of dating. We just cut straight to the case and we give you someone you can be proud to be seen out with. That’s why I really love my job.”


Age 41
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Donation $450/Hour
Orientation Straight

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 Emily  Emily
 Emily  Emily

“Every man has the capacity to be a real leader,” she says. “I think we give at least part of our men kind of a raw deal, teaching them from an early age that some people are ‘alpha males’ and others aren’t. We tell them that hot girls like me, attractive women, are out of their reach and out of their league. So they settle for less. One of the great reasons to book a Boston escort is that you don’t ever have to settle for less. You can have exactly what you’ve always wanted, and spend time in the company of a top-shelf girl like me, knowing that I’m going to be focused on you and enjoying our time together. How awesome is that? And all it takes to really come into your own as a man, and leave all that old programming behind about who is an ‘alpha male’ and who isn’t, is stepping out on the town with someone like me. The people who see us together are going to be pretty impressed at the kind of lady you’re being seen with. And your own confidence is going to grow.”

Confidence building is one of the great benefits of hiring a Boston escort, Emily explains, because it solves an age-old problem. “The best way to get comfortable with beautiful women is to date them,” she says. “But the best way to get a date with a beautiful woman is to be so comfortable around them that you are confident when you ask them out. It’s something that is hard to solve until you realize you can get that confidence by booking Boston escorts. The more time you spend with us, the more confident you will be, and that will really make a difference around other ‘normal’ women.”