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The perfect Latina mix of Puerto Rican and Spanish. “I’m happiest when I’m wearing lingerie,” Becca explains. “That’s why I have so much of it. I like very elaborate lingerie, with lots of lace and straps and buckles. It isn’t just because I want my man to take his time, although that’s part of it. I think every girl likes the thought of making a man work for it. And I love the idea of being like a gift wrapped present, something he has to unwrap before he can have me. I want him to know I’m the best present in the world, and getting down with me is like Christmas morning all over again. But I like lingerie because I like feeling very feminine. The more frilly and lacy the lingerie, the more I feel like a woman. I really enjoy that kind of thing. It makes me feel good and it makes me feel like all the time I spend looking nice is well worth it.”

Becca uses here yoga to stay in shape, yes, but she has certain philosophical thoughts about it as well. “I love to do yoga,” she says, “but not just because of the physical benefits. Sure, it makes my body look super sexy, and helps me get all toned and lean and strong. It gives me the kind of body, the kind of taut and sexy curves, that a guy really likes. That’s very important in my industry. I want a man to look at me and just be overwhelmed with desire to put his hands all over my body. You know when you see just a perfectly sexy girl and you wonder what it would be like to put your hands on her? That’s the feeling I want to inspire in the men who see me. Doing yoga helps keep me looking like that, and helps me maintain my value as the type of super-sexy woman you want on your arm when you’re out on the town with an escort.”

For Becca, however, yoga is more than a physical pursuit. “I am very spiritual,” she says. “Doing yoga is one way for me to get in touch with my body, and as I do that, to go deeper into myself and get in touch with the source of everything. I think on some level, some deep subconscious level, we’re all really connected in some way. At least, I’d really like to believe that. I need to believe that the universe isn’t just some random collection of objects that don’t mean anything to each other. What put us here? Why are we here? And what is outside us? What does the universe exist inside of? And does it go on forever? These are the kinds of things I think about late at night, or after I’ve just been with someone.”

Becca is very proud of her lips. “I think kissing is the most sensual thing that anyone is capable of doing with another person,” she explains. “There are all these erogenous zones on the human body, but to me, the lips are the most incredible. When I put my lips all over someone, I want them to know just what I’m all about. It’s a way of both of us getting in touch with each other in the most intimate manner possible. Kissing, to me, is a more intimate act than sex, because you have to put more feeling into it for it to mean something. When a kiss is good, it involves your whole body, and it makes you tingle from your head to your toes. I am a great kisser.”


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Donation $1000/Hour
Orientation Straight

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“I try very hard to keep up my body because I know how important that is to a man,” Becca says. “The power and the attraction that a Boston escort has is all based on how incredibly sexy and desirable she is. If she isn’t sleek, taut, toned, and wonderful, if she isn’t capable of making every man around her desire her and every woman who sees her jealous of her, then she’s not a Boston escort. She’s just some ordinary girl, some amateur. We are professional entertainers and we are the best of the best. You book us because you want to blow away everyone with what a player you are. You book us because you want to feel what it’s like to spend time with one of the most desirable women in the city. Our power and our attraction are one and the same. That’s why it’s so important to me to work out, to keep myself up, and to be the sexiest girl I can be.”

Becca is used to getting what she wants because she understands how to flirt. “So many men just want a kind word from a pretty girl,” she says. “Think of how often your guy friends talk about that hot girl they encountered that morning, going for coffee or whatever. All it takes to make a man’s day is for a hot girl to say hello to him like he’s a person. What does it say about the world we live in where the average guy is so starved for that? I love how attentive my clients are to me. I love how they enjoy just being able to talk with me, and how thankful they are that I’m focusing on them. It makes my job very rewarding. It really, really does.”