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Alexa, the 24 year old Boston escort believes in enjoying life to the fullest. Alexa enjoys others who love having a good time as well. Alexa is bold, friendly, and very spontaneous and definitely knows the art of surprising you. Her graceful ways can turn you on instantaneously. Call Alexa now and get ready to explore her exotic ways of seducing you. Alexa is the escort for you. She is a favorite among our escorts and they rave about how talented she is with her fingers. A girly-girl, Alexa enjoys dressing up and is always ready to go out for a night of dancing. A Boston native, she is a product of some of the most prestigious private schools in the city and is now pursuing her college education. If you want to grab a quick bite to eat before ravishing Alexa’s ripe body, she can show you the best places to go for a quiet meal.

With her show-stopping body, Alexa has done some small modeling gigs in the past. This is an area that she wants to explore more of in the near future. She is always dressed in an impeccable manner. Sophisticated and classy, Alexa nonetheless enjoys taking her clothes off as much as she enjoys dressing up. If asked, she is eager to strike a modeling pose for you and is not shy about showing off her young, firm and bodacious body. Charming, classy and beautiful, Alexa is the perfect eye candy to have on your arm when you want to impress your boss at your next company outing.

“Modeling was a much harder gig than people realize,” Alexa tells us. “People think it’s just a pretty girl who walks on to a set and stands around in different outfits. Maybe she goes and changes a few times, and that’s as hard as her day gets. But the reality of modeling, and trying to make a living at it, is much more grueling. One of the things people don’t realize is that shoots almost always happen in the season opposite to the one you’re selling for. That means you’re dying in a heavy coat or sweater or scarf when the weather is warm, trying not to sweat completely through it and ruin the shoot. Then when it’s cold outside you’re wearing a bikini or something else that’s next to nothing, and you’re trying not to look like you’re freezing to death as waves lap at you in the surf. The physical discomfort is one of the biggest obstacles to new girls getting into the industry and staying there.”

That wasn’t the only thing that Alexa learned about from her time in the industry. She also saw her fair share of the darker side of the business. “There is a lot of drug use in the modeling world,” she admits, “and the more time I spend in it, the more I see. Cocaine and other amphetamines are very popular, for obvious reasons. And there are a lot of girls with eating disorders. It’s not something you’ll see every day, but it’s out there. You have to learn to sidestep all that and not let it affect you if you’re going to work in the industry. That’s just a fact. I quickly adapted and I’m ready to do more.”

One of Alexa’s favorite things to do is to go to business meetings with her clients. “A lot of men want someone attractive when they go to business outings, retreats, meetings, and seminars,” she explains. “Especially if they’re single and are expected to have someone to bring, it helps cut down on questions. A lot of guys are looking to build their careers and they have no interest in getting married. Having a date, a convenient date, that they can bring to their meeting, especially if they’re in the area from out of town, really helps them.” Alexa describes the reactions of her date’s co workers as the best part of such an evening. “I just adore it when I walk in with my guy,” she says, “and all of his coworkers turn and stare. It’s fun to be the hottest girl in the room, and to know that I’m doing wonderful things for his reputation. I like to think about the stories he’s going to tell around the water cooler when they’re all back in the office the next time.”

Alexa prides herself on her love of fun and her outgoing attitude. “If you can’t be optimistic in this life, if you can’t look forward to the adventure that is every day, you might as well not bother,” she says. “I love my life. I love working as an escort. Every day I know I’m going to be having fun and meeting great, interesting people. It’s a never-ending party and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s the commitment you make when you sign on to do this job. You’re signing up for a party that never stops, and you’ve got to have the right attitude for it. Some girls can’t take the pressure of partying day in and day out. Me… that’s just what I want out of my work.”


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Donation $600/Hour
Orientation Straight

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Alexa believes in maintaining a positive attitude above all else. “I think the key to being the girl everyone wants to be around is keeping our outlook up and positive, all the time. That’s what people respond to. People love a girl who is entirely in the moment, who knows how to have a good time and is very positive. People like optimism because people hate to be brought down. I mean, we all already have so much stress in our lives. Very few of us need more by importing negative. When you’re one of those negative people, you walk in and you just suck all the energy out of the room. That makes people want to avoid you. They want to avoid talking to you. Don’t you want to be the opposite of that? Don’t you want to be someone who attracts people, rather than repels them? I know I do.”

Alexa goes on, “A positive person is an attractive person by both meanings of the term. People are pulled toward you, not just because you’re very sexy and good looking, but because you have the qualities they desire in someone. They say we admire those people who have what we want to have about them. I try to remember that every day, and carry myself like the sort of role model and positive example who represents what I most want to be as a person. You need a goal in your life, some target to shoot for, or what are you really doing with your time on this rock? That’s what I think, anyway. I could always be wrong. I don’t try to push what I believe onto anybody else. Nobody likes pushy people, I guess. That’s not about being positive. I just love to make people happy.”